AthenaMetaxatou has studied handmade jewelry, casting jewelry and jewelry design in Moraitis School, at MOCUME Private Institute, in the Contemporary Jewelry School ALCHEMIA in Florence, Italy, as well as in an annual programme for selected artists in the Fine Arts School in Florence. 

Her love for nature became her inspiration and made her settle in Kefalonia, her place of origin, where she has founded her own workshop. Thus, since 2008 she has her own business -workshop and jewelry shop- in the island’s capital city, Argostoli, known by the title “Athena’s workshop”.

She is interested in crystal therapy and uses crystals and semi precious stones in her jewelry depending on their therapeutic properties. For the collection “Olive” she uses Aventurine (known for its comforting properties in situations of stress and disorder), Smoky Quartz (that is believed to relieve anger offering emotional balance) and Lava (which has therapeutic effects providing determination and lifting the spirit).

Artist's work