Dimitris Virtsionis studied from a young age near aknowledged goldspmiths and mastered the silversmith techniques. He is an experienced technician and an innovative designer. He loves clear forms, asmuch in their geometrical expression as in their organic development, as found in nature. Nature’s creativity is combined with the power of design creating timeless jewelry with a modern touch. He designes and creates unique jewelry collections, made by hand in his own studio.

He is based in a small and functional studio in Kalamata, Peloponese, that has the infrastructure as well as the atmosphere necessary to transform his ideas in objects, that he shares with Antigoni Leakou. Everything begins with the creative design and production of the materials. Making their own alloys in their studio, they can control the quality in all stages of jewelry making. They combine traditional jewelry making techniques with contemporary production techniques, depending on the needs of each design.

They seek to make unique jewelry that are high quality and at the same time affordable. They treat every material with the same respect and the final outcome is fine jewelry with a special character and uniqueness.



Since 2016,the collection of jewelry with pebbles from the greek beaches has its own brand name.

The diversity of colours and shapes that one can find in a beach is remarkable. Pebbles become the basic material for the creation of jewelry that showcase their aesthetic qualities. Silver captures nature’s simplicity and perfection, the way the waves have carved them. Each piece of jewelry is created organically, giving the sence of a small plant, a flower or a fruit hanging from a tree. The simplicity of nature meets silver and the luxury of semi precious stones.

Every piece of the collection is unique following each pebble’s unique character.

Artist's work