Maria Marinoglou was born in Athens in 1952.

She studied graphic arts in Doxiadi Art School, where she was taught by known artists, such as Mitaras, Parmakelis, Georgiadis etc. Her first contact with ceramic art was when she worked for seven years in a famous Athens’ ceramic studio. Since 1989 she has founded her own art studio, where she creates using mainly the raku technique.

She has taken lessons in ceramic art and scultpure seminars by Kostas Tarkasis and Maro Oikonomidou-Kerasiotis. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Refering to her own work, she mentions: “The love for the material -clay-, the freedom in expression and creativity, the analysis and penetration in the process and the techical problems have shown me the way and have made me love pottery.

Since working freelance, in 1989, I constantly try to express myself through this ductile and primitive material, creating sculpted forms, blending clay with metal, fire, air and smoke, to create a unique outcome that is very personal.

I am not interested in detail or perfection, my lines are mostly harsh, imperfect but sesnitive and combined with the raku technique and the metals, it gives shapes and pictures that express the interaction of the inside with the outside, the soul with the environment, thepast with the present.

I see each object that I create like shapes coloured with shadows. Colour for me is key. But I do not use it as red, yellow, blue. Instead I use it like dots, fingerprints, holes, lines, rivets or wires, that stand or move in space, blackened by smoke or marked by the silver lining of metal.

I believe that knowledge comes through experimentation, paradox, testing, sometimes through unexpected solutions and constant searching in the forms, the techniques, the materials”.


Artist's work