With studies in the field of Architectural Space Decoration (VAKALO), she has worked in decoration and furniture companies, but she finally gave in to her love for artistic creation, initially in jewelry and artistic objects, through the experimentation with various materials.

The highlight of her artistic pursuit is her occupation in the last years with the processing and transformation of a natural material, that always fascinated her, the pumpkin.

She cultivates, processes and transforms the pumpkins in sculpted objects and lamps, following along the way this humble plant, that used to play a very significant role in the greek agricultural life. She plants them, takes care of them, giving them patiently all the time they need to mature. Then, another kind of relationship evolves, as every pumpkin tells her their own story, enticing her into fairytale worlds, where magical creatures, exotic birds, butterflies and flowers show up. The outcome is one-of-a-kind lamps-artworks and sculptures, as every artwork follows each pumpkin’s shape and size!

Her work is presented in selected spaces and galleries in Greece, as well as in the shops of the Goulandris Natural History Museum, the Natural History Museum of Meteora, the Museum of Modern Greek Culture, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and the Foundation of the Hellenic World. 

Artist's work